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Be a sales hero!   Start your own sales lead busines!   Control your leads on the blockchain!


Avoid the traps of centralized sales lead systems like Hoovers and Jigsaw.

“I've used those old sales lead services, and the quality just wasn't there.   This is a business meant to be decentralized with many buyers and sellers.” --Gregg Dourgarian, CEO of AIDA

Aïda, so easy to get started

Low-cost system makes CRM a breeze and lets you make money and control your own sales leads! 


What We Do Best

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    Save money compared to centralized lead gen services

    Don't let centralized services overcharge you for out of date data.

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    Not your father's leads

    It's not enough to get a name, phone number and email any more.  Because Aida is top technology, it's in tune with all the ways your prospects want to be contacted.

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    Start your own sales lead generation service

    Aida is a perfect platform for sales professional to profit from their hard work.

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    Reduce costs

    Better quality leads at lower costs - our network of lead providers out perform centralized services.

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    Keep control

    You only reveal what you want to reveal, and you get paid for it!


Proud to serve sales leaders worldwide

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    Gregg Dourgarian

    Gregg has sold large enterprise software deals worldwide for decades and founded several companies.
    "Few things excite me more than helping innovative companies ride a revenue rocket, and I'm thrilled with what Aida is delivering for our clients."  
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    Aram Gugusian

    CTO Aram Gugusian developed the
    "I love working with the Aida team and our clients and helping them leverage the unstoppable possibilities of blockchain based sales leads." 

“I was amazed how good the leads were coming from Aida.

Edgar Tapia
TMS Staffing


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • “Staffing is a hotly competitive business, and our ability to quickly leverage strong leads with Aida allowed us to develop top tier clients.


    Edgar Tapia
    Area Manager, TMS Staffing


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