Aïda real-time personnel location system.
Do you employers know where
your workers and visitors are?

Ideal for factories, staffing agencies, healthcare facilities and more


Improve security and safety while reducing cost

“Powerful tool for tracking a visitor from the moment they enter our facility”

Aïda, so easy to get started

Low-cost system helps reduce theft, minimize accidents, efficiently manage authorized access! 


What We Do Best

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    Ideal for staffing agencies

    You're staffing your client's facility, why not solve their security issues while you are at it?

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    Perfect for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and day care

    Track everything from babies to expensive equipment

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    Oil rigs, construction sites

    Don't let an accident get out of hand.  Know where your personnel are 24x7.

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    Reduce labor costs

    Better than time clocks for actually measuring time worked and time on break.

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    Avoid theft

    Who stole the laptop?   Track every person who visited a sensitive area.


Proud to serve employers worldwide

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    Gregg Dourgarian

    Gregg has sold large enterprise software deals worldwide for decades and founded several companies.
    "Few things excite me more than helping innovative companies ride a revenue rocket, and I'm thrilled with what Aida is delivering for our clients."  
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    Aram Gugusian

    CTO Aram Gugusian developed the
    "I love working with the Aida team and our clients and helping them leverage the unstoppable possibilities of real-time personnel location management." 
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    Edgar Tapia

    Area Manager, TMS Staffing
    Edgar led the first installation of Aida Personnel Location at a large manufacturer in Minnesota.
    "Many staffing services competed against us for this blue chip client.   In the end our ability to supply not just staff but a complete personnel management system won the deal."

“I was amazed how quickly my assistant was able to install the system.

Edgar Tapia
TMS Staffing


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • “Staffing is a hotly competitive business.   Our ability to offer solutions and not just staff made the difference in our success in winning top tier clients.


    Edgar Tapia
    Area Manager, TMS Staffing


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